It’s All About The Weapons Testing

It’s All About The Weapons Testing: We’ve heard lots of crackpot theories about what the “real” motivations of the war are including…

It’s all about…

…the oil
…revenge for the assassination attempt on “Bush’s daddy”
…protecting Israel
…a crusade against Islam
…the Stargate

Now Pravda has a new theory. It’s all about the weapons testing…

“Reserve Major-General, Professor Vladimir Slipchenko, military analyst, doctor of military science is Russia’s first-rate specialist on wars of tomorrow.

…Main objective of the Iraqi war is still offscreen, nobody ever mentions it. My opinion is that main objective of the war is a large-scale testing of new high precision weapons held by the USA in Iraq. This is the top-priority objective for America, all the rest are minor objectives or undisguised misinformation in fact.

For over ten years already the USA has been waging no-contact wars. In May 2001, George W. Bush delivered his first presidential speech to students of the US Navy Academy in Annapolis and declared that drastic measures must be taken to start preparation of the US armed forces for wars of tomorrow. He emphasized at that, these should be high-tech armed forces to perform no-contact operations all over the world. Now the objective is persistently carried out.

It makes sense to mention that the Pentagon purchases from the defense establishment only weapons tested in real wars and holding quality certificates taken on battle fields. After several real experiments, the wars in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, many of the US defense corporations have been given the right to sell their high-precision weapons to the Pentagon. These are Martin Lockheed, General Electric and Loral. Other large companies haven’t yet got orders from the military department. The price of the issue is 50-60 billion dollars per year, everybody wants to get such sums. But today’s weapons suppliers of the Pentagon constantly develop more new weapons that must be tested. The US defense establishment demands the political leadership to provide testing grounds, wars where the new weapons can be tested. And they do get such grounds. This is the main reason why the war has been started in Iraq, not because of US’s desire to get control over Iraqi oil.”

Yes, it’s all just American boys and their toys blowing up everything that moves in Iraq so we can see how our new weapons work under combat conditions. If only they’d gotten this one out there a little earlier we might have actually seen some peace protestors carrying, “No war for weapons testing!” signs. Hey, it makes as much sense as “No war for oil!” right?

***Update***: I ran across another today. This nutjob thinks it’s all about the dollar vs. the euro…

“Where does this desperation for war come from?

There are many things driving President Bush and his administration to invade Iraq, unseat Saddam Hussein and take over the country. But the biggest one is hidden and very, very simple. It is about the currency used to trade oil and consequently, who will dominate the world economically, in the foreseeable future — the USA or the European Union.

Iraq is a European Union beachhead in that confrontation. America had a monopoly on the oil trade, with the US dollar being the fiat currency, but Iraq broke ranks in 1999, started to trade oil in the EU’s euros, and profited. If America invades Iraq and takes over, it will hurl the EU and its euro back into the sea and make America’s position as the dominant economic power in the world all but impregnable.

It is the biggest grab for world power in modern times.”

Look for someone to suggest that we’re going to war for sand, camels, or long flowing robes sometime in the near future…

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