It’s Not About Burgers, It’s About The Little People

Could the mainstream media be more irrelevant? Just when I think it’s not possible, Maureen Dowd writes about President Barack Obama and his dietary habits. From the New Editor:

Dowd goes on to note that President Obama has gone out on highly-publicized trips for burgers, and “Michelle sometimes takes her staff on impromptu lunch trips to Five Guys or other burger and barbeque spots.”

To all of which one might reply, “Who gives a damn?”

Ms. Dowd, like a good portion of the New York-Washington political and media nexus, thinks the public is an idiot, and that it hangs on every action, every word of its spokesman, the new president, as if it were some divine guidance for how to live its life.

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Eh, maybe. I think there’s more to it than that. The press tries to bring down to earth an elitist snob so the vast unwashed can feel that the President is “just like me”. Um, no he’s not.

If you’ll recall, President Bush’s midnight snack was PB&J’s. He served BBQ at state functions. He was also generally thought to be a stupid rube by the same press now trying to humanize the god-prophet Obama.

Obama needs to be big, mind you, but not so big as to intimidate the little people given to small pleasures like cheeseburgers.

Thanks, Maureen, for humanizing the president for us. You know, we can’t judge for ourselves. We need guidance to really understand him and what he’s all about. Without you, we’d only see the god-king. We wouldn’t see his humanity. He’s real, man.

So, you know, thanks. I bet Barack Obama actually poops, too. Perhaps an analysis of his bowel movements will be forthcoming from the ever helpful media.

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