It’s Not AIG. It’s the GOV…

What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next…

AIG! AIG! Everybody’s going nuts. I can’t believe they’re getting bonuses! I can’t believe they’re getting bonuses! Would you people wake up! AIG is a freaking smoke screen to take your attention away from the real criminals in this country… The freaking government! The government is to blame for this problem. The government sits up on capitol hill vilifying wall street like they;re the problem. the government has been in bed with wall street from day one in this freaking economic disaster.

You know what one sure fire way from keeping AIG executives from getting bonuses was? NOT giving them a bailout to begin with. The American people knew this. the average citizen knew this. We said no bailouts for anyone, on day freaking one. Did the government listen? No! Bush,Bernanke, Paulson, Obama they’re all to blame. They were handing out money like it was going out of style and not paying attention to where it was going. This is like giving a kid a hundred dollars to buy school clothes and then being mad when he comes home with video games and jelly beans. Are you kidding me?!

Then Senator Chris Dodd, Democrat from Connecticut comes out the other day and says, before the last stimulus bill was signed, he put in an amendment, Basically making it possible for the AIG executives to gets their bonuses. he basically wrote on top of the last stimulus bill, that no matter what happens the executives at AIG have to get their bonuses. You know who signed that stimulus bill? Barack Obama! Then he has the audacity to come out on t.v. the other day and be outraged. “I can’t believe these people are getting bonuses… You signed a piece of paper making it possible for these people to get bonuses YOU SCHMUCK!!

Would you people WAKE UP! The government is playing a game with you and no matter what freaking number they roll, YOU FREAKING LOSE!!! You’re worried about AIG. I’d be more worried about the GOV than AIG!! Would you wake up! The only way we’re going to stop this is to all grab a freaking musket and charge the freaking White House! We’re finished people! We’re freaking finished!!

What’s next! What’s next!! What’s next!!!

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