Jackson For Obama’s Senate Seat?

Jesse Jackson, Jr., that is.

That’s who the Chicago Sun-Times would like to see Illinois Gov. Blagojevich pick to finish Obama’s term. Says the Sun-Times:

Jackson also has proven himself on the national stage, serving on the House Appropriations Committee and as Obama’s national campaign co-chairman. He has pushed for universal health care and, in 2001, was the point man on legislation that created a center on minority health and health disparities at the National Institutes of Health.

And how does Jackson approach the issue of “universal health care”. By perverting both the concept of rights and the Constitution – of course he’d like to officially pervert it if possible. In his own words:

What if the Constitution said: “All citizens shall enjoy the right to health care of equal high quality and the Congress shall have the power to implement this article by appropriate legislation?”

Beyond the obvious benefits of greater and better health care itself, imagine the economic consequences: thousands of doctors and nurses being trained; new medical colleges established and older ones expanded; increased medical research; a massive preventive health care industry springing up; new hospitals in needy urban and rural areas with the private sector, federal, state, county and local governments all working cooperatively under the authority granted by the Constitution and Congress.

The absence of this human right as a health care constitutional amendment has major economic consequences as well. Preventive medicine is almost entirely missing from our current health care system, which costs taxpayers billions.

Of course, even without an amendment, Congress can pass legislation granting universal and comprehensive health care to all Americans.

Got that? He seems to recognize that it’s Constitutionally iffy and making it “legal” and a “right” would probably require a Constitutional amendment – but heck, if he can’t get that, they’ll just ignore that little problem and pass a law.

Funny isn’t it – the Constitution, which was designed to limit government and prevent its intrusion into our lives, to recognize the rights of citizens and protect them by specifically enumerating the powers of government, is now considered an impediment to the grand plans of legislators today.

That should tell you all you need to know about both Jackson and his ideas. He’ll most likely end up in the Obama seat, but he’s no more a Constitutional scholar than Obama, although Obama claimed such credentials. But then neither is most of the rest of Congress.

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