“Jimmy Carter Has Finally Found Some Terrorists Who Won’t Hug Him”

Anti-Semitic incompetent Jimmy Carter made news by declaring that he would meet with Hezbollah. Now, Hezbollah has made news by declaring that they won’t meet with Jimmy Carter,

Lebanon’s militant group Hezbollah has refused to meet visiting former US president Jimmy Carter to discuss legislative elections set for the spring, Carter’s spokesman said on Wednesday.

“We have sought meetings with all the main parliamentary blocs and parties in the upcoming election and Hezbollah was one of those meetings we had requested,” Rick Jasculca, a spokesman for the Carter Center, told AFP.

“Hezbollah declined the request,” he added without providing further detail.

…Hezbollah officials contacted by AFP would not comment on Carter’s request for a meeting.

“Hezbollah does not meet with anyone from a US administration which supports Zionist terrorism,” said Mohamed Raad, head of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc.

Oh, dear! How is Jimmy Carter going to get another Nobel Prize for — well, whatever it is he does — if he can’t even get dirtbag terrorists to sit down with him? Of course, since the Carter Nobel Prize, much like the Gore Nobel Prize, was really just meant to be a thumb in the eye to Bush, it’s irrelevant at this point — but still!

So, what does Carter do now? Maybe he could inform Hezbollah that Barack Obama is President (They probably just don’t know) and hence, all world problems are solved — and, therefore, there is no need for Hezbollah to continue its conflict with Israel. He could also go in the other direction and REALLY start trashing the Jews hardcore. That’s probably what he does when he’s not in front of the television cameras anyway, right? If that doesn’t work, well, he’ll just need some bigger name terrorists to hug. Wonder if Osama Bin Laden is looking to do a photo-op with a Nobel Prize winner?

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs for the story and the title of this post.

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