John Cornyn And The NRSC: Stuck On Stupid

Never before in the history of our country have so many smug, stupid politicians been so absolutely convinced that they’re smarter than everyone else. Take John Cornyn, Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, for instance.

Cornyn is one of these guys who insists that we need amnesty because we’ve got to bring more Hispanics into the party. Then, when we get a young, conservative, blue chip Hispanic candidate running for the Senate in Florida that the base absolutely loves, Marco Rubio, Cornyn tries to cut him off at the knees by endorsing an Arlen Specter clone, Charlie Crist.

Incidentally, I’ve heard from Hispanic activists that the GOP loves to talk about reaching out to Hispanic Americans, but that’s as far as it goes. Everybody wants to talk about it, but nobody seems to want to actually do it. That certainly seemed to be the case when I had to shame Republican members of Congress into showing up at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s 19th Annual Legislative Conference. Given the background, could you blame people for thinking, “Maybe that’s the problem here: guys like John Cornyn like the idea of having Hispanic Republicans in Congress, but not so much having actual Hispanic Republicans in Congress.”

In any case, the stated justification for the NRSC sticking its nose where it didn’t belong in the Florida primary was that Crist would have an easier time winning and the NRSC wouldn’t need to spend any money to help him. Of course, both Crist and Rubio have a large lead over the most prominent Democrat in the race and given the national attention Rubio has drawn, it seems unlikely that he’ll need any NRSC money to win after conservatives make sure he beats Crist in the primary.

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Now, given that John Cornyn was beaten up so badly by the Rightroots after the Crist endorsement that he was scared to take questions about it, you might think he’d have learned his lesson. After that sort of experience, most sensible people might think, “Gee, getting involved in that primary was a mistake. Well, you live and learn. I’m certainly not going to do that again.”

If you thought Cornyn might go that way, well, that’s because you, unlike John Cornyn, don’t have the infinite wisdom that comes from becoming a creature of the Beltway. You see, if a D.C. pol like Cornyn has a problem with us peasants in flyover country, obviously the problem is on our end, because geniuses like Cornyn don’t make mistakes.

So naturally, Cornyn has continued to play the endorsement game. The NRSC “bravely” endorsed Pat Toomey, despite the fact that he didn’t have a primary opponent. Why? So the NRSC could say, “We endorsed Toomey! So, we don’t only endorse squishes! Nyah!” Of course, the irony there is not just that Toomey didn’t need their endorsement, it’s that if Arlen Specter had remained a Republican, John Cornyn and the NRSC would have unhesitatingly endorsed him over Toomey.

After that endorsement, the NRSC continued meddling in primaries, but they’ve done it more subtly. In California, I’ve been told that Cornyn has told private donor gatherings that Carly Fiorina is the NRSC’s choice. Why keep it below the radar like that? To try to cut off funds to Chuck Devore without catching the attention of blogs like this one.

The NRSC is also infuriating Republicans in Colorado with these same kind of behind-the-scenes moves,

The chairman of the Colorado Republican Party says he plans to inform a national GOP group today that it created a “backlash” by registering two domain names for potential U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton.

Dick Wadhams pointed to a rash of e-mails during the weekend among Colorado Republicans who are upset with the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which they believe is playing favorites in the crowded 2010 primary field.

The backlash is so strong, Republican sources say, that Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck might stay in the Senate race after all. He had been expected to withdraw today.

…”I fully intend to let them know that Colorado Republicans expect to select their nominee themselves without the endorsement of outside groups,” Wadhams said Sunday.

“There is a backlash. You can see it in the e-mail traffic.”

One e-mail was written by Le Moine Dowd and distributed by Scott Starin, chairman of the Boulder County Republican Party. The subject line reads, “Send this to every Republican you know.”

She wrote that “the endorsement of Jane Norton by the NRSC is essentially a deathblow for all other candidates.”

“Do we want the NRSC deciding our candidate? Does this action by the NRSC make the primary election irrelevant? Does it make the Colorado Republican Party irrelevant?” she asked.

How dare these arrogant jackasses at the NRSC disrespect Republicans across the country be interfering in these primaries? I know what they’re thinking, “2010 is going to be a good year. We’ll win some seats no matter what and then everyone will agree that we were smart to interfere.”

That’s not what’s going to happen. If we win seats in 2010, it’ll be because the environment was so good that we won in spite of the arrogant buffoons at the NRSC. That’s part of the problem with politics. The political environment changes and then guys who are stuck on stupid, like John Cornyn, become convinced that they’re Machiavellian political wizards despite the fact that they can barely find their behind with both hands.

John Cornyn is one such person and as long as he’s at the NRSC, they don’t deserve one thin dime of your money. Instead of wasting your money on a “Republican” organization that methodically works to undercut conservative candidates, give your money to actual conservative candidates who’ll put it to good use beating Democrats.

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