John Kerry Says Time Is Ticking On Climate Change Legislation

There are several other fun stories out there, such as Hillary threatening to put Iran in timeout, Janet Napolitano blaming Canada for the 9/11 terrorists, and mobile phones getting a bit out of control, but nothing could be more fun this Thursday that Senator Waffles wading in to the climate change legislation issue

Senator John F. Kerry, opening a hearing on global warming on Earth Day, says this is a “make-or-break” year on the issue and calls on the United States to spearhead the effort.

Covening the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Massachusetts Democrat notes that a key international conference on climate change is later this year in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“The clock is ticking on the best chance the countries of the world will have to marshal an effective global response,” he said in his prepared opening remarks.

“All policymakers involved in this process need to realize that if we aim too low, America and the global community will fail to do what is necessary to meet this challenge. It’s that simple.”

Wasn’t that what Kyoto was about? That legislation that was oh so important (and which Kerry voted against joining in 1998) and would solve AGW? Correct me if I am wrong, but, Kerry is part of the Senate, which had majority control during the first two and last two years of Bush’s time in office, and is still the majority party. So, could he certainly submit legislation, could he not? And, anyhow, why should we listen to John Kerry? As the Climahysteric talking point goes, he’s not a climatologist.

Of course, it is easy for Kerry to push climate change legislation and treaties, since he is a poodle to a very rich woman, so, the rise in the cost of everything will not affect him. Nor will it affect this low carbon nut

The California Democrat, meanwhile, compared the proposal to the nation’s buildup to fight World War II.

“We pulled ourselves out of the Great Depression when we mobilized to fight World War II. I believe we need a mobilization now, we need a mobilization to fight global warming!” she said.


Meanwhile, a very interesting interview with Anthony Watts, who may not be a climatologist, but sure knows way more than Kerry and Boxer.

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