Joker Obama Flyers Show Up At George Washington University & Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Updated)

Supposedly, prior to yesterday, the Joker Obama posters had only shown up in LA and Atlanta. Well, now a few hundred have shown up at George Washington University. Here are a few pics I was emailed yesterday. Unfortunately, they’re a touch on the dark side. No flash, maybe?

Joker Obama: George Washington University

Joker Obama: George Washington University

Joker Obama: George Washington University

You may also notice that the slogan at the bottom of the flyer is different than the original. It’s almost as if someone printed off and used one of the flyers that were put up on RWN yesterday…heh, heh, heh (PS: Great idea: Print 20 or so flyers with each message. Once people realize there are different messages on them, they’ll pay even more attention to each poster in hopes of seeing a new message).

Incidentally, if you happen to see these flyers up anywhere this week, snap some pictures and email them to me so that I can put them up on RWN.

Incidentally, there’s a surprising amount of Joker Obama merchandise out there for sale already.

For example, there’s the shirt:

Joker Obama shirt

The bumper sticker:

Joker Obama bumper sticker

And my personal favorite, the tie:

Joker Obama tie

The Left seemed to own these “fun” parts of politics over the last few years. The protests, the town hall meetings, the photoshops mocking the other side — it’s great to see the energy and the excitement going in the other direction these days.

Update #1: I’ve received an email from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The mind virus is continuing to spread.

Joker Obama: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Joker Obama: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Keep those pics coming, folks!

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