Just To Be Clear, I Hope That Barack Obama Fails….

…to keep tanking the stock market.
…to keep creating massive debts our children will have to pay off.
…to infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans.
…to lose the war on terrorism and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
…to close Gitmo.
…to expand government.
…to use the power of government to silence his critics.
…to keep misleading the American people about his agenda.
…to reward more people failure.
…to waste even more money on bailouts.
…to continue damaging our economy.
…to raise taxes a trillion dollars.
…to cripple more American businesses with unions via card check.
…to gut missile defense.
…to undercut our nation’s sovereignty.
…tear our Israeli allies down to build up our Palestinian enemies.
…to continue to demolish welfare reform.
…to stop the already meager enforcement of our immigration laws.
…to destroy the quality of our healthcare system with socialized medicine.

If Barack Obama succeeds in his agenda, which is all about implementing radical, left-wing policies that have been proven not to work again and again, it will hurt our country. Despite what his liberal supporters think, it’s better for Barack Obama to fail than for our country to fail.

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