Kathleen Sebelius: Yet Another Tax Cheat Nominee

Obama’s latest choice to head Health and Human Services will now be known as something other than the Abortion Queen; she’s also a tax cheat, in the proud tradition of many other Obama nominees, including Tom Daschle, Ron Kirk, Nancy Killefer, and of course Timothy Geithner, who oversees the IRS.

Kathleen Sebelius recently corrected three years of tax returns and paid more than $7,000 in back taxes after finding “unintentional errors” — the latest tax troubles for an Obama administration nominee. … There was no comment from the White House.

These “unintential errors” can get us little people in deep trouble. But that’s because it’s our role to pay taxes. Our socialist rulers’ role is to spend them.

As its inability to find nominees who don’t cheat on their taxes makes clear, Arrogance and Incompetence have replaced Hope and Change as the bywords of the Obamination administration.

A passionate air smooch between Chairman Zero and the Abortion Queen.

On tips from Viking04, Burning Hot, Byron, and J. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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