Kent Conrad Reads and Learns

Me, droning on about Atlas Shrugged coming true:

The phrase “In Times Like These” is repeated over and over and over again. Invariably, it’s placed in front of a proposal that, in another setting, would make no sense at all. And still doesn’t. It’s only discussed in vague, highly generalized terms…right after that magical phrase, “In Times Like These.” We have to “stick together,” “in times like these.”

Sen. Kent Conrad, D-ND, defending his decision to join all his fellow democrats in voting to recommend tax cheat Timothy Geithner to become Treasury Secretary — running, among other things, the IRS in the new hopey-changey administration:

One committee member, Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., a former tax commissioner, said in normal times, Geithner’s failure to pay his taxes would have led Conrad to oppose the nomination.

“But these are not normal times,” Conrad said. He said the economy’s not “out of the woods” and touted Geithner’s extensive experience at a time when the country needs a treasury secretary imminently.

These are not normal times. These are whacky times. These are such strange times, that I have to vote to dump a bucket of gasoline on this burning house, that’s just how bad the house is aflame. Wet is dry, up is down, stupid is smart, kids are wise and experienced, and darn it we just gotta have a tax commissioner who could’ve settled his bills with the IRS any time, and chose to finally get ‘er done when Obama was about to nominate him. That actually makes perfect sense, when it otherwise would not, because these are the times that try mens’…brains.

Why not just come out and say it?

In times like these, we need a monarchy. We need paupers and peers. We need two sets of rules, one for the upper-crusters and one for the riff-raff.

This “nation of laws, not of men” stuff is a luxury we can no longer afford, right?

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