Knocking Chomsky On His @ss?

Knocking Chomsky On His @ss?: I received an email from a reader today that in part read…

“I was wondering, in all your reading, if you’ve ever come across a definitive refutation of Noam Chomsky. In arguing with dopey but well-meaning friends, he comes up as a source again and again and again, and I wish there was one book or series of articles that I could use to knock him on his @ss. If there’s anything you could point me toward, I’d greatly appreciate it. — Take care, Rob”

Chomsky is a one trick pony. No matter what Chomsky is talking about (usually the United States), he strips away the context of the situation and then impugns his target’s motives. Let me punch up a generalized example that will show you how Chomsky works…

“A man chases a terrified teenager into an alley. As the teenager cowers in the corner, the sneering man pulls out a gun and blows him away. Pleased with his work, the man smiles and thinks about how much he loves his job.”

Wow! Sounds terrible doesn’t it? Well what if I add in a little context and don’t assume the man is malicious? Let’s see how it sounds then…

“A policeman chased a Crip who’d just shot a young girl into an alley. The Crip fired off three shots at the officer who returned fire and killed him. Other officers then arrived to relieve the officer so he could check on the girl the Crip shot.”

Now was the first version a lie? Some people would say “yes” while others might simply say it was a different “interpretation” of the truth. This type of “interpretation” is Chomsky’s stock and trade. Chomsky looks at any conflict the US or Israel is involved in, strips out all context that might explain what the US or Israel was actually doing, and then claims that it was all caused by our eeeevvviiilllll government. Of course, this doesn’t work very well if your target audience is familiar with what you’re talking about. That’s why Chomsky is at his best talking about US actions in third world countries during the Cold War that most Americans are unfamiliar with.

Assuming your friends have open minds and don’t necessarily buy into Chomsky’s “America is the root of all evil” mentality, there are two ways to convince them that Chomsky is full of it. One is to point out his style of debate. If they start to consciously recognize what Chomsky is trying to do, they’ll soon see that he often leaves out important details in an attempt to mislead his readers and he also blames the United States for almost every bad thing that happens in the world. The other thing you can do is to expose your friends to either Conservative or even “unbiased” (if you can find any =) articles that cover the same things Chomsky has discussed. Once they start to see that Chomsky has left out a lot of key facts in order to promote his agenda of anti-American hatred, they’ll start to understand that he’s not a credible source.

For further information about Chomsky and his agenda, you may want to read any of the following articles by David Horowitz…

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Thanks for reading Rob and I hope that helped.

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