Labor Day Vacation

Labor Day Vacation: (***Update: I’m back in town and RWN will be back to our normal schedule as of tomorrow)

I’m taking off today at noon for a vacation at the beach. I’ll be back on Tuesday afternoon and you can expect the next RWN update on Wednesday.

If you’re a webmaster who’s sent in a request for a link trade, you can probably expect to see your blog added to RWN’s permalinks on Wednesday. I’ll send you an email to confirm after you’re added. Also, if you link RWN and are interested in a link trade feel free to email me. I’m always looking for more blogs to link and the only thing I require is that I like your page.

While you’re waiting for RWN to return, feel free to check out some our the blogs I’ve linked in the “Daily News” section or some of our top referrers on the left. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Wednesday…

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