Latest Pajamas Article: Sarah Palin Defines The Health Care Debate P.S. Where’s Mitt Romney?

“Death panels” got the Left all excited and Republicans cowering. D.C. sure loathes straight talk about anything. Sarah Palin does the Republicans a favor by defining the debate in philosophical terms while they stay mired in details:

President Barack Obama fights for soft European socialism. Governor Sarah Palin fights for free-market American individualism.

Many of the punditry on both sides get lost in the minutiae of the bill. Republicans, defensive about the narrative pushed forward by the media that they don’t have any plans, have been furiously demonstrating that they do, in fact, have plans. And, of course, they do. There are bipartisan plans. Jim DeMint has a plan. The Senate doctors Coburn and Barrasso, both Republicans, have discussed, thoroughly and thoughtfully, the different health care plans. It has been excellent and educational. And in a way, they’re all missing the point. Both Republicans and Democrats have plans.

First, though, Americans need to decide the foundational philosophical questions. Is the safety of a government-run health care system worth the risk to freedom and individual liberties? Do we believe the government can be more efficient and cost-effective than the free market?

I hope you’ll go read the whole thing. While the rest of the Republican hopefuls for 2012 are awfully quiet–where is Mitt Romney on health care? Why isn’t he defending the mess he set up in Massachusetts? Since he seems to be the all but declared favorite by the punditry and everyone else, it’s fascinating who is NOT saying anything.

P.S. As a note on John’s survey of bloggers where Sarah Palin came in #2 of most favored conservatives, it’s interesting how the grizzled blogger-corp remains impressed with her. Most political bloggers are, ironically, less emotionally attached to any politician–they know the beast too well to “believe in” a candidate. Sarah Palin’s plain-spoken, common-sense takes on big ideas like health care, energy, etc. are winning her respect.

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