Latest Pajama’s Media Article: Environmentalism Is A Luxury

My latest Pajama’s Media article is up over there and I hope you’ll read it. It’s nothing you’ve read here or elsewhere…yet. Fresh new content.

The environmental movement is outrageous for a simple reason: it is discriminatory. That’s right. In order to be fully immersed in it, you have to have the money to do so. It is like the country club congregation church of yore that these people tend to loathe. And it is as repugnant to be preached at by lushly-funded church-going folk who have never known a moment of want as it is to be preached at by Gaia-worshiping folk who have never known a moment of want. When people need jobs, being preached at to use plastic, no paper, no plastic, no paper, gets old.

Here is a snippet from the article:

It was with interest that I followed Robert Scoble’s tweets from China. He reported choking smog and horrendous pollution that was the side effect of making the cheap consumer electronics we Americans used to enjoy buying before the current economic downturn. Scoble also reported that the Chinese are making strides to make environmentally friendly factories.

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Environmentally friendly factories are all to the good and not exclusive of human concerns. Without money flowing to buy products, there will be no factories. Environmentally friendly ones will be as out of business as polluting ones.

This begs the question: Does anyone not want to care for the environment? I put the environmental grandstanding in the same category as torture. Who the heck is for torture? No one. And who is for destroying the environment? No one. The question gets murkier when survival is at stake. If a person must choose, and sometimes leaders must choose, between survival and the ideal, sometimes an ethically challenging decision must be made because the higher value is the value of life. More on that in a bit.

The environmental movement depends not only on excessive moralizing and the same sort of mother guilt that keeps therapists everywhere in steady employment, but also suspect data. Just this week, data from NASA which came from Russia turned out to be false. John Hindraker says, “As the scientific evidence continues to accumulate, it becomes increasingly clear that ‘global warming’ hysteria is based on a combination of bad science and fraud.” It turns out that the climate is getting colder.

There’s a lot more over there and I hope you’ll go read it and leave your thoughts.

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