Lawsuit Will Force Westchester County to Build More Slums

Organizing widespread squatting isn’t the Left’s only tactic for turning the entire country into a slum. Its favorite tool, given its thorough dominance of the legal profession, is the lawsuit. For example, in suburban New York, moonbats are suing to force local government to construct more slums at taxpayer expense.

Westchester County officials are gearing up for battle in a court case over whether they’ve done enough to desegregate largely white communities.

And by all accounts, the fight could be long and expensive.

The county recently doubled what it expects to pay defense lawyers Epstein, Becker and Green in a federal housing discrimination lawsuit filed by the Anti-Discrimination Center of Metro New York, a nonprofit housing group that could be awarded a share of up to $150 million in damages if it wins. …

The Anti-Discrimination Center is accusing the county of failing to provide affordable housing in its more affluent suburbs and failing to reduce segregation in municipalities such as its larger cities, despite taking $52 million in federal housing aid from 2000 through 2006 and doling it out to communities.

Once again we see that accepting federal money is the equivalent of selling your soul to the Devil. Proclaims “civil rights” attorney Randolph McLaughlin:

The issue is whether affordable housing is a reality, and it’s obviously not. Affordable housing has not been a reality in Westchester County. If you take government money, you have to do what you said you’re going to do.

When moonbats yelp about affordable housing, what they actually mean is there are too many white people. Turning nice towns into slums is the bleeding heart version of ethnic cleansing.

Paving the way for this trial, Judge Denise L. Cote of U.S. District Court in Manhattan in February ruled in a summary judgment that the county failed to analyze race as an impediment to affordable housing and misrepresented its integration efforts.

After the entire county looks like the hellhole Mount Vernon, moonbats will continue marching north. One day soon the South Bronx will reach all the way to the Saint Lawrence River.

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