Leave Barack Alone! Leave Barack Alone Right Now!

Baldwin Park democrat, speaking for probably several others:

President Obama did not come down from on high. He is not a miracle worker. He can not wave a magic wand and make things miraculously happen. He is a mortal. A human being. Nothing more and nothing less.

President Obama and his Administration hit the ground running on day one and have kept up a whirlwind pace ever since. Few Presidents have accomplished so much in such a short span of time. But not all of his campaign promises can be enacted in his first hundred days. The unprecedented number of high priority and competing issues facing the new President means that some changes will simply have to bide their time.

The changes will come, not as quickly as some would like, but they will come. Everyone needs to be realistic in judging President Obama’s performance so early in his Administration.

My goodness, democrats can get bossy when telling strangers what opinions they should have of things. Well, Don Surber seems to be abiding by the “needs to be realistic” part, in passing judgment on this “whirlwind pace” (hat tip: Gerard).

Barack Obama is too busy posing for magazine covers to actually do the job to which he was elected.

There is a price to be paid when a president throws a party every other night, weekends in Chicago or Camp David and poses for magazine cover after magazine cover.

After 51 days in office, Barack Obama has appointed only 73 people to 1,200 jobs that require Senate confirmation.

If they require Senate approval, they are important jobs.

But Obama is too busy to properly vet the people and appoint them to fill the jobs to get the work done.

That is his job.

And he shirks it.

And now we pay the price.

The London Independent reported: “Last week, it was all smiles and handshakes as Gordon Brown and President Barack Obama put on a show of unity in Washington.

“But yesterday, Sir Gus O’Donnell, Britain’s most senior civil servant, exposed transatlantic tension when he protested that Downing Street was finding it ‘unbelievably difficult’ to plan for next month’s G20 summit in London because of problems tracking down senior figures in the US administration. ‘There is nobody there. You cannot believe how difficult it is,’ the Cabinet Secretary told a civil service conference in Gateshead.”

The Times of London and other newspapers had similar accounts.

If our allies cannot reach us because Barack Obama has failed to appoint someone to answer the phone, how are we to have any friends in the world?

And yet this naïf little twit who barely qualifies to be a back bencher in the Illinois legislature had the nerve to tell reporters last week: “President Obama has accomplished more in 30 days than any president in modern history.”

He really said that.

He really thinks that.

He really thinks that because he could get legislation passed through a Congress that is overwhelmingly Democratic that he is God’s gift to the nation.

I think where the Barackapologists are going a little bit off-base here, is with this perception of theirs that they have been sold a whole sumptuous buffet of presidential/personal assets in exchange for their votes, when really what they got was only a single, solitary positive attribute: This ability that PBO has, to make a good impression on people. That was the only goody in the package.

And it just got recalled; there’s nothing left.

If I could travel back in a time machine to early November and tell people “Barack Obama is going to be defended by only a slim minority among his most ardent followers, for his underperformance in His first 50 days in office,” it would be perceived back there as extreme, fringe, kooky, agitprop right-wing propaganda.

And yet. Here we are.

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