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You can tell its a relatively slow news week. Crooks and Liars is reduced to resurrecting the “Nazis in the Army” story of a couple of years ago.

Now, that’s pathetic enough (C&L has to admit that when the FBI investigated the claim, they found that there were all of 200 identifiable “neo-nazis” in the military at the time) but apparently there’s an even more urgent reason to be concerned:

This has the deadly potential to become a significant component of the predictable surge in far-right activity likely to manifest itself in the United States in the coming months and years, especially as Democrats and liberals expand their hold on power. We run the risk of re-creating the conditions that arose in Germany and Italy after World War I: the presence of scores of angry, disaffected, and psychologically damaged war veterans, fed a steady diet of “Dolchstosslegende,” poised to organize into a political force aimed at “rebirthing” the nation and its heritage.

Yes, it is “danger time” in the good old USA!

And how does this person know this is true? Well, it appears it’s all on the “internet”:

Earlier this year, the founder of White Military Men identified himself in his New Saxon account as “Lance Corporal Burton” of the 2nd Battalion Fox Company Pit 2097, from Florida, according to a master’s thesis by graduate student Matthew Kennard. Under his “About Me” section, Burton writes: “Love to shoot my M16A2 service rifle effectively at the Hachies (Iraqis),” and, “Love to watch things blow up (Hachies House).”

Of course everyone knows, if its on the internet, it has to be true. Like Jesse MacBeth for instance.

Probably the most disgusting part of this post was to be found in this paragraph:

This problem doesn’t involve only the Nazis, gang-bangers, and other violent personalities worming their way into the military. It also affects the many more formerly normal, non-racist recruits who have been dragged into multiple tours of duty in Iraq, regardless of the psychological dangers of such treatment. This includes many people whose evaluations have recommended they not be returned for duty but have been sent back regardless. Thus the Timothy McVeigh Finishing School continues to operate.

The “Timothy McVeigh Finishing School?” Is that what the military is?

What an incredibly scummy thing this yahoo does – someone who couldn’t carry a combat infantryman’s dirty boots. All of the neo-nazi nonsense to cheap shot the military in general with the “crazy veteran” meme.

Bring up 200 neo-nazis, lump them in with “gang-bangers” and “other violent personalities” and then claim, out of thin air, that it “affects” other “non-racist” recruits who’ve suffered the “psychological dangers” of multiple tours. In other words, they’re all like that. It’s not even original, for heaven sake, but a disgusting rerun of the crazy Vietnam vet meme previously introduced by the left and updated for the 21st century.

Watch for more of this from the left as it decides it is no longer politically necessary to honor those who serve in the military.

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