Let’s Ask Silvio Berlusconi About Health Care Reform

Silvio Berlusconi is in town to meet with President Obama today and discuss the possibility of Italy taking a few Guantanamo detainees, as well as economic recovery, Afghanistan and Iran, according to the AP.

What’s not on the agenda, so far as we know, is a discussion of health care.

It should be.

Berlusconi, whom the AP calls “a media mogul and one of Italy’s richest men,” came to the United States in 2006 for surgery to correct an irregular heart beat with a pacemaker, a problem he likely discovered after his collapse at a political rally, though he maintained that fatique was the source of his fall. The operation took place at Cleveland Heart Center in Ohio. “Everything went according to expectations and without any particular problem,” Dr. Andrea Natale told the Italian news at the time.

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So why should you care?

Because this is one of those specific examples of a wealthy European leader traveling to America for life-saving medical care that he himself deemed superior to the care available in his own country. If our health care advancements are the envy of the world and are hand-picked by leaders for whom money is no object, why would we want to strangle that innovation with government control?

Plenty of Americans are outraged as the idea of putting health care into the arms of the less-than-efficient government. This is one story to remember. Tell your friends. Literally, world-class care is available to all Americans. Why ruin that?

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