Let’s Grade Congress!

Have y’all heard about the site Grade Gov? Because it is your turn to be heard

TV, radio, Internet, and newspapers are filled with politicians talking at you. It’s time that they started listening to you. At GradeGov.com, you can send a grade to individual Members of Congress — an A, B, C, D, or F— and write a letter explaining your grade. GradeGov keeps the message simple. Everyone understands an “A” and an “F.”

GradeGov.com lets you speak directly to your elected officials. There are no professional pollsters or news anchors filtering what you say. You speak on your terms, from your kitchen table or desk at work. You don’t have to wait to be called on at a choreographed town hall meeting.

So be heard. After all, your elected officials work for you. Remind them.

Not that the majority of them will listen. No matter what grades you give them. Because you are just peons who need to do what you’re told and like it. The mommies and daddies in Congress know better, because they know how to lie to people and….sorry, getting a bit cynical. And at least one will probably call you a liar, even though she probably didn’t even read the site, like she supposedly didn’t even go to meetings. Say, I wonder what her grade is?

Hmm, maybe Obama’s post-partisan is kicking in, because neither Dems, Republicans, or Independents think she is doing a good job.

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So far, all the F’s are for Democrats, 173 of them, and all the scores above C+ are for Republicans.

My critters:

  • Brad Miller (D-NC13) F
  • Richard Burr (R-NC-Senate) B-
  • Kay Hagan (D-NC-Senate) F

What are your critters rated?

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