Letterman’s Misogyny And Crude Remarks At Palins Avoid Media Scrutiny

Of course, everyone remembers how the media ran with a silly comment from actress Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live, vis a vis “I can see Russia from my house!” It was goofy and light hearted, but, somehow, that almost became reality, as if Palin herself actually said it.

Turn the page. Now we have disgusting, demeaning, and nasty comments aimed at Palin from a liberal (shocking that a liberal would be disgusting, demeaning, and nasty, eh?), and the mainstream media is nowhere to be found. Just watch the following video, and listen for the reaction to #2, updating her “slutty flight attendent look” (via Allahpundit)

And, then, let’s move on to what he said about Palin’s daughter during the monosnooze (via Conservatives4Palin)

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Jim Treacher: It Might Not Be the Best Idea for David Letterman to Joke About Underage Girls Being Raped

The thing is, that joke isn’t about Bristol: Palin brought her 14-year-old daughter Willow to the Yankees game with her.

That’s right: A state governor went to a baseball game with her underage daughter, and a national talk show host made a joke about the girl being sexually assaulted by one of the players.

Dan Riehl: So much for the Chelsea Clinton rule – and well beyond. Bristol Palin is eighteen and not even in politics. That didn’t stop Letterman last night when he joked that “she got knocked-up” by Alex Rodriguez at the Yankee game the Alaska Gov recently attended.

I’m sure many on the left are laughingly dismissing this as just another case of right wingnuts going overboard. I wonder how they would feel if Rush, Hannity, Boortz, or some other conservative talk show host made a joke about Michelle Obama update her slutty look, and about raping……no, I’m not even going to go there, even to illustrate a point.

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