Letting Sleeping Godzillas Lie

Letting Sleeping Godzillas Lie…: I was reading about Tom Daschle’s latest poll driven flip-flop on Bush’s war resolution and I noticed a tied and old argument still being made…

“It is not a victory to strike down one tyrant and breed 10,000 terrorists,” Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., a supporter of the Spratt proposal, said, adding that the costs of lives and resources would create a backlash in the Muslim world.”

Well I have an answer to that — Godzilla. How would you deal with Godzilla if he came to your town? Well that depends doesn’t it? If you had good enough weapons you might fight him — but if you didn’t you’d probably run.

Well let’s say you DON’T have the weapons to fight him and you hear about your neighbors down in “Afghanatown.” Some of the people from their village went to Monster Island and attacked Godzilla while he was sleeping with a giant catapult that they built. It hurt him a little — but not nearly enough to kill him. More importantly — it p*ssed him off. Godzilla then stomped off to Afghanatown, smashed the village, ate the people like bon-bons, and then burned everything that was left to ashes with his radioactive breath.

After that, Godzilla went to ‘Raqicity” and destroyed their giant catapult — right before he really went nuts. He smashed and ate everything that didn’t run fast enough to get away and by the time he was done there was nothing left but blood, sand, and rubble.

Now Godzilla is moving in YOUR general direction. The village elders think he is coming for your giant catapult and if you get rid of it Godzilla will leave you alone — but if you don’t get rid of the giant catapult — **shudder**. Worse yet, the no good “Bin Arafat” family is saying that even if Godzilla doesn’t come here, they’re going to take a giant catapult and fire it at Godzilla. When you ask what happens if Godzilla follows them back to your town — Abu Bin Arafat replies, “Then we all hurl our mighty spears and rocks at Godzilla and he will be defeated! But whatever happens — we will not get rid of our giant catapult!!” “That’s funny,” you think, “that’s probably just what they said in Afghanatown and Raqicity.”

Then you start to think things over — Godzilla, Afghanatown, Raqicity, blood — sand & rubble, — was that a roar off in the distance — ** Gulp** — are you just hearing things?, “Then we all hurl our mighty spears and rocks”, radioactive breath, — that’s enough! It’s time to talk to the other village elders.

The next day the village is shocked to learn of a horrible crime! The Bin Arafat family is all dead and someone stole the village’s giant catapult and tossed it off a cliff. Oh how terrible! Everyone goes to the funeral and afterwards a few people even talk about building a new giant catapult — but no one ever does. You heard that Godzilla went back home to Monster Island and spends most of his days eating, sleeping, and doing whatever it is Godzillas do to pass the time — which is fine with you. You may not like Godzilla much, but whenever anyone starts talking about how a group of young men should get together to try to hurt Godzilla you remind them of what happened to Raqicity & Afghanatown and after a lot of debate and talk, they decide that this “isn’t the right time.” Everyone now seems to have figured out that sometimes it’s best to let sleeping Godzillas lie…

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