Liberal Bloggers Need Waa-mbulance: Where’s Our Money!

Oh, man, er, person, this is just too precious

Some of the leading liberal bloggers are privately furious with the major progressive groups — and in some cases, the Democratic Party committees — for failing to spend money advertising on their sites, even as these groups constantly ask the bloggers for free assistance in driving their message.

It’s a development that’s creating tensions on the left and raises questions about the future role of the blogosphere at a time when a Dem is in the White House and liberalism could be headed for a period of sustained ascendancy.

Too precious. As Rick Moran is saying, the left constantly droned on about the Vast Right Wing Echo Chamber, how all the bloggers on the Right were simply posting Bush and GOP talking points (anyone else get sent them? I’m still waiting), yet here we have the big Progressive bloggers demanding $$$ for putting out the DNC and Progressive groups talking points. Markos “Screw ’em” Moulitsas, John Aravosis, and John Amato admit (and whine) about it in the article, and Jane Hamsher gets snippy on her own site

There are a variety of vehicles through which this is done — the 8:45 am call, Unity 09, Campaign to Rebuild and Renew America — and they’ve been extremely successful. When the banks told the White House they wouldn’t cooperate with the PPIP plan unless they got their bonuses, and the administration made the decision to “ratchet down their rhetoric,” the call went out to the liberal interest groups to stay silent too…and silent they remain.

Ah, so, following the marching orders, eh little lemmings?

There’s a big problem right now with the traditional liberal interest groups sitting on the sidelines around major issues because they don’t want to buck the White House for fear of getting cut out of the dialogue, or having their funding slashed. Someone picks up a phone, calls a big donor, and the next thing you know…the money is gone. It’s already happened. Because that’s the way Rahm plays.

So much for the “we’re independent and put our beliefs ahead of politics” meme. Animated!

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