Liberal Class On Display: The Bush Urinal

Courtesy of the Democratic Underground, here’s the latest piece of liberal “art,”

sellitman: P*ss on Bush (Literally!) President Bush, art urinal, by Clark Sorensen. From EXHIBIT: ‘DOWN THE DRAIN’ -THE LEGACY OF GEORGE W.

In the spirit of bipartisanship and love of the arts, I’d like to match this fantastic piece of “artwork.”

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Tell you what, whoever does the best graphic featuring a unicorn bellying up to a naked Barack Obama urinal, wins a prize!

Just kidding — just kidding! Actually the prize will be for whoever draws an illustration of a naked Barack Obama riding a unicorn with Jimmy Carter’s face.

Ok, ok — I’m still kidding. The prize is for whoever draws Osama Bin Laden resting his feet on a Barack Obama footstool that’s saying, “Can we talk?”

You know, I actually like that last one. It actually has a message behind it beyond, “Huh, huh, I want to pee on Bush, huh, huh.” Who wants to punch that up as part of a 300×250 ad for Conservative Grapevine in return for a free one week blogad on RWN and CG?

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