Liberal Class On Display: The Bush Urinal

Courtesy of the Democratic Underground, here’s the latest piece of liberal “art,”

sellitman: P*ss on Bush (Literally!) President Bush, art urinal, by Clark Sorensen. From EXHIBIT: ‘DOWN THE DRAIN’ -THE LEGACY OF GEORGE W.

In the spirit of bipartisanship and love of the arts, I’d like to match this fantastic piece of “artwork.”

Tell you what, whoever does the best graphic featuring a unicorn bellying up to a naked Barack Obama urinal, wins a prize!

Just kidding — just kidding! Actually the prize will be for whoever draws an illustration of a naked Barack Obama riding a unicorn with Jimmy Carter’s face.

Ok, ok — I’m still kidding. The prize is for whoever draws Osama Bin Laden resting his feet on a Barack Obama footstool that’s saying, “Can we talk?”

You know, I actually like that last one. It actually has a message behind it beyond, “Huh, huh, I want to pee on Bush, huh, huh.” Who wants to punch that up as part of a 300×250 ad for Conservative Grapevine in return for a free one week blogad on RWN and CG?

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