Liveblogging The Obama Address Tonight

Overall impression: I agree with Krauthammer: President Obama talked for an hour about selling a program that will save money, make government more efficient and better, only the evil rich will be soaked, etc. As Krauthammer said, “None of the questions nicked him.” Well, maybe the transparency one, but that wasn’t really about the specifics of health care. Basically the president delivered platitudes, outright prevaricated and wasn’t called on it, just like I expected.

I expect a poll bounce from this. The American people will have been soothed yet again and reassured that it will be good for them. He looked radiant, confident, reasonable, and if you’re not paying attention to details, he sounded like everyone will benefit and the rich, who deserve to get screwed, will be. A win-win!

For those who watched, do you agree?

8:53 PM Good grief, the last question by Lynn Sweet is about race relations? Because, let’s be clear: America is still a bad place–even with a black president. Ugh.

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8:51 PM “Evidenced based” means that a bureaucrat makes the decision NOT the doctor. He wants science and experts to decide what a doctor should do. Cites an unnecessary tonsil removal.

8:48 PM “Public option will help keep insurance companies honest.” The government doesn’t have profit motives…so now he’s going after insurance companies for making “record profits”. “Where’s the constraint on that?” he asks. He wants to take away one of the few money making industries out there in this economy.

8:44 PM Oh good grief,….now financial regulatory reform. Not even done talking about health care. Or is he done talking about health care? Does anyone believe a word he’s saying? “If shame does not work, at least shareholders should know what executives receive in compensation.” You know, it occurs to me that if something can be said in two words, he uses ten. It’s like he’s just using up time and sounds like he’s saying nothing and yet, when you actually listen, it’s horrifying. The actual content.

I think people just tuned out when he was campaigning because he just lulls you to sleep but WHAT he is saying is so important. It’s insane.

8:42 PM “Things would be worse today, if those steps hadn’t been taken” re: TARP. Question about whether banks have “changed their behavior”. Obama says, “We have seen a stabilization in the banking system.”

8:39 PM: Oooh, good questions on transparency: “Are you fulfilling your promises on health care?” “My understanding is that there are photos you can see who was there.” ” Meetings on C-SPAN,……I would welcome it.” LOL YES! I would welcome it too! I would love to see what these yahoos talk about behind closed doors.

8:36 PM: “Health Care Reform isn’t designed to increase the deficit, it’s designed to reduce it.” Breathtaking.

“Change how those benefits are delivered so they’re more efficient.” Translation: Capitation. Denial of care.

8:30 PM: Steve Green is also Drunk blogging.

It will require “discriminating consumers”. I cannot believe how this man spins lies. I’m sorry, I cannot even say that he’s being disingenuous. He’s blatantly lying.

Here comes professor mode. Now he’s lecturing us on definitions. Deficits. He’s wandering all over.

8:26 PM: Oh please, a person will have a nutritionist and “save all of us”.

OHHHHHHH, and he’s not blaming Republicans. And he praises Olympia Snowe. Uh oh. What does that mean? And the Republicans are contributing? “If they’ve got a good idea we’ll still take it.” How condescending.

8:24 PM: “I want to cover everybody”. Me. Me. Me. “If we just redesign and get rid of waste, in the short term and the long term.”

8:21 PM: Aren’t health care workers Americans?

How can anyone take this guy seriously on cutting costs when the deficit is bigger than at any time in history.

8:19 PM: Question: Why the rush? The letters. The poor people.

8:17 PM EST Sorry guys, my Satellite TV is out and CBS’s live feed wasn’t working. I’m watching now on YouTube here. Translation so far, “Not my fault, deficit neutral,”

“We’ve become so cynical about what government can accomplish.” LOL No, people know exactly what government can accomplish and that’s what scares them.

7:31 Watch this at PJTV ahead of time.

Because, as your blog hostess, I aim to please, I’ll be liveblogging the doublespeak. To get a taste of the future:

“So let me be clear, this isn’t about me.”

And let me be clear, ain’t nothing about this that’s about anything but you. It sure isn’t about what’s good for the people. They have yet to see a real bill yet and if you have your way, Mr. President, they won’t.

I’ll also be blogging over at and tweeting, too. And afterward, listen to the Radio Show where John Hawkins and Dan Riehl and I talk about President Obama, polls, etc.

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