Liveblogging the State Of The Union: “The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions”

10:06 EST Hugs all around. Oh, bring on Jindel. Hallelujah! It’s over. Thank you, thank you, thank you…. but not for the reasons these sycophants are saying and believing.

10:03 EST Leonard Abess is sleepy. Paying a $60 million dollar bonus makes one fatigued.

9:59 EST Oh thank Buddha. This is almost over. Military guys are getting bought off, too. Yay! Pay increases and better insurance.

9:56 EST A tax cut cometh. If you make less than $250K you’re fine. Guess how much everyone is going to make sure they’re making? Oh yeah. No one will make more than $250K. Ha.

9:49 EST Now, Obama’s talking about college and everyone going. But here’s what I’m wondering: How can rational people listen to this and not see the absurdity? Is President Obama just pulling things out of a hat? And all this money being spent….where is it coming from?

He is speaking “not just as a President, but as a father, education begins at home. This is …and American issue.”

Okay, this is laughable. Now, after all this big spending, he’s talking about not passing along debt to our children. He’s going to cut costs. “Bring this deficit down.”

He’s proud of passing a bill free of earmarks. He’s kidding right? He’s saying that his administration has identified $2 Trillion of misspending.

OH! This is where the cuts are coming from: Defense.

9:45 EST Now he’s talking about health care reform. “Cannot wait. Must not wait. And will not wait another year.” Oh boy. And now on to education.

This speech is like a stump speech where everyone gets something. Who is paying for all this? Oh, right! That would be you!

9:43 EST $700 Billion with a “B” for drugs/year. Is that all? I mean only $700 billion? Why not go for a cool trillion?

9:40 EST Did Barack Obama just imply that China was more creative technologically than America? Isn’t China where the stuff designed in America gets built?

And now, Obama wants to slow the economy with Cap-n-Trade. And he’s calling it “innovation”. T. Boone Pickens and Nancy Pelosi are doing the money jig right about now.

9:33 EST “I will do everything I can….It’s not about helping banks. It’s about helping people.” Barack Obama–Populist. My eyes are glazing. Do you believe a word out of his mouth? Do you believe him?

Nancy Pelosi looks like a proud Grandma watching her favorite. She’s positively glowing in pea green.

9:31 EST Bankers are going to have to explain where money goes. Everyone is standing.

9:29 EST A new lending initiative. Bottom line: The Treasury is going to print more money. I wonder when inflation starts.

The average American can save $2000/year on their mortgage. Big whup. What will 2K do?

9:27 EST Uh oh, he just said that money in the bank is safe. I’d withdraw, like, now.

9:25 EST The tax cut comes April 1! Yay! $16/week!!!

And Obama is tasking Joe Biden to preside over a “tough oversight” committee because “no one messes with Joe.” will show you where the money is spent. Huh. We’ll see.

9:23 EST He is pleased that the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act is now law and the Dems are happy. And insane. Insane. And happy.

9:19 EST “We will rebuild. We will recover. And the United States of America will emerge stronger than before.” This comes after listing all the woe. “The answers to our problems don’t lie beyond our reach.” He’s praising innovators and not mentioning how he’s going to tax them into oblivion.

He’s not laying blame, he says, be he’s going to evaluate “how we got here”. [Camera pans to a bored Chris Dodd.]

The surplus became an excuse to pay the wealthy rather …I missed the quote, but the idea is that the only people who benefited who were the rich.

9:15 EST The adoration continues and he basks. Nancy Pelosi looks like human pea soup. Once again, Barack Obama doesn’t know the protocol and talks over Pelosi’s introduction.

9:11 pm EST Barack Obama enters with obvious make-up and chin up. It’s the pose that makes me crazy–arrogance.

9:04 pm EST President Obama is late so won’t be around for a bit. Michelle Obama looks gorgeous in purple. I see she has a stylist now. That’s good.

As an aside, you guys should be paying me for this. What’s happening tonight is worse than the “I love you” Barney song at Guantanamo.

Hillary looks fantastic. Hot pink. Yowza!

Eric Holder the Attorney General will be the guy hiding just in case the building blows up.

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