Look Baby, I Know You Love Animals But…

Look Baby, I Know You Love Animals But…: As K. In Men In Black said, “This has GOT to be a nine-point-oh on my weird-sh*t-o-meter.” Meet Allison Adams, animal enthusiast…you may notice something strange about her. Yes, she’s the woman with possums & squirrels writhing around in her bra =D…

“The baby possums are easier to put up with in your brassiere than the baby squirrels, says Allison Adams of Round Rock.

“The hardest to deal with in my bra are the squirrels,” said Allison, 23. “The possums are actually the easiest. They’re adorable, beautiful little animals, and since they’re used to being in a pouch with their mom, they’re used to the feeling. The squirrels, they’re not used to it. They’re moving around, and every once in a while you hear them squeaking.

Can you imagine this from the baby squirrels perspective? No wonder they’re squeaking…

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“So what’s the record number of baby animals in her bra at one time? “The most I’ve had at one time was 12,” Allison said, speaking of a passel of young possums. “I was living in Killeen at the time, so it was for about an hour and a half, two hours.”

Allison, who works at the Northwest Animal Clinic in Georgetown, puts baby animals in her bra regularly. She figures over the past six years she’s stuck baby possums, squirrels, kittens or cottontail rabbits in her bra a total of 75 times.”

Oh and just in case you thought she does this for five minutes at a time….

“I can walk around all day long with them in there,” she said. “When we’re going somewhere, I mean, it’s unrealistic to keep them in the car in a carrier for four or five hours. They get cold.”

Heck, she’s even got a fiance…

“By the way, Allison is engaged. So how does her fiancé feel about it? “Everybody has to ask that,” she said. “Well, it’s kind of a stunner when I come home and he goes to hug me, and he can’t, because I have hissing possums. But I guess you get used to that.”

This guy must be a saint, because personally, I wouldn’t even date Mariah Carey if she kept possums in her bra all day long. This replaces “having hairy legs” on my list of “most repulsive habits” for women…

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