Look Out, Jimmy Carter Is On Their Side! Snicker, Snicker

Look Out, Jimmy Carter Is On Their Side! Snicker, Snicker: The Daily Mirror, an anti-war British paper, seems to be quite pleased with the fact that Jimmy Carter signed up for the “Daily Mirror’s Not in My Name campaign”…

“It remains to be seen just how effective his influence can be on the warmongers. But if his CV is anything to go by he could hold the key to the crisis.

As per usual, Carter’s foreign policy related statements are laughable — but instructive. For example, here’s a perfect example of the sort of circular logic that the anti-war movement uses…

Carter admits that Hussein probably has WMD…

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“(Saddam) obviously has the capability and desire to build prohibited weapons and probably has some hidden in his country.”

Carter admits that Saddam must be disarmed…

“Obviously Saddam Hussein will have to comply with the revelation and destruction of all weapons of mass destruction.”

And yet…

“There has been a virtual declaration of war but a case for pre-emptive action against Iraq has not been made.”

So Jimmy Carter says Saddam must disarm, but he’s steadfastly against the only realistic chance we have of disarming him — which is using military force. Why can’t Carter and the rest of the anti-war movement be honest enough to admit that they’d rather see Saddam keep his WMD and develop nukes than do anything about it? I mean, do these people think the “disarmament fairies” are going to come down and sprinkle “pixie dust” on all the WMD and render them useless or something? Saddam sure isn’t going to get rid of WMD out of the goodness of his tiny, black heart.

Then there was quote from a Carter, “friend” in the article…

“The former President is far too discreet to go mouthing off. But people round here do remember him saying, ‘Our State Department never gets upset about anything unless white skin or oil is involved’. His words have rung true again.”

Only white skin or oil huh? I’m sure South Korea, Taiwan, and Bosnia — among other nations — would be surprised to hear about that.

All of this gibberish from Carter and his ‘friend’ may sound silly to you, but the Daily Mirror is taking it very seriously. So much that so that they were inspired to write this priceless line in an editorial about the worst American President of the last century,

“JIMMY Carter was not a flashy or showy President, but history judges him as one of America’s greatest.”

Oh boy, are these guys overestimating who they’ve got on their side. Let me give the people at the Daily Mirror a little advice that we here in America learned the hard way — Jimmy Carter screws up everything he touches. There is a “vortex of failure” that follows him around like a thundercloud. In fact, his track record is so bad that I’m surprised that the houses he builds for Habitat for Humanity don’t just fall over the moment he hammers in his first nail. In the last twenty-eight years, the only things he has gotten involved with that haven’t imploded are the Israel-Egypt peace treaty, the aforementioned houses, and the Nobel Peace Prize which has now been damaged by association with him. Are you getting what I’m saying? Having Carter with you is like trusting the French to protect your country, getting Cobra Commander to back you against GI Joe, or having the storm troopers defend you against the Rebels. In short, having Carter take your side (on foreign policy issues at least) not only means that you’re in all likelihood wrong, it probably means that you’re going to lose as well.

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