Louis Farrakhan’s Last Hurrah?

Louis Farrakhan’s Last Hurrah?: Louis Farrakhahn is back and sounding as unbalanced as ever in what he calls his, “final appearance”. That could be because of health reasons (a bladder infection that led to an inflammation of his lower abdomen was mentioned) or perhaps the following statement from Farrakhan explains why he thinks he won’t be around…

“When they come, they will come under the guise of Homeland Security,” Farrakhan said. “They’ll take our property and freeze our assets.”

You know, considering that Farrakhan runs a anti-American Muslim organization and has ties to pro-terrorist regimes in Iraq and Libya (among others), I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that the Nation of Islam was actually cooperating with terrorists.

But let’s get on some of the more interesting things Farrakhahn said…

…”Once the bombs start falling, America will start rolling down the hill towards destruction,” he said. “The America you now know, you’ll never know again.”

…”Christians used Jesus to sanctify white supremacy,” Farrakhan said. “I want to say to President Bush that you are a radical who has hijacked Christianity.”

He told the crowd that white ministers selected among the “most brilliant” blacks to become ministers, but told them what to preach.

“The preachers have always been apologetic for the evils of the white people,” the 69-year-old Farrakhan said.

…Farrakhan also warned the audience that once the war breaks out, the government could come after African Americans. He said white leaders were angry at blacks for introducing them to hip-hop.

“The anger of white people is growing,” he said. “You are taking their children with the hip-hop generation.”

I’m tempted to fisk this idiocy, but it’s basically self-fisking. White people are coming to get blacks after the war starts because of hip-hop & the, “evils of the white people?” Come on, those are just the bizarre rantings of a demented man.

But, you know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see all the Democratic Presidential candidates asked about what Farrakhahn had to say. After all, Farrakhahn has campaigned for more than a few Democrats running for office. In fact, just last election cycle he hit the campaign trail for Cynthia McKinney.

So wouldn’t it be appropriate to ask Howard Dean whether he agrees with Farrakhahn? Wouldn’t you like to know what John Kerry would say if he were asked if it was appropriate for Louis Farrakhahn to be campaigning for Democratic candidates? Farrakhahn had good things to say about Al Sharpton, he said, “he’ll never sell you out.” So shouldn’t we get to find out more about what Sharpton thinks about Farrakhahn’s comments? If the Democrats are going to use a piece of human debris like Farrakhahn to try to pull in black votes at election time, shouldn’t they have to answer for it when he shoots off his mouth?

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