Love Letters From Birthers, Part 2: The Mormon Conspiracy

I really didn’t intend to write anything else about the wild eyed stuff I’ve been getting from birthers, but you know, plans, mice, men…you get the idea. Sometimes an email comes along that’s so hilariously off-the-wall, you just have to post it.

Such an email has been sent to me. Here’s an excerpt from an email sent by one Marilyn Stacy,

Regarding this information that I appreciate receiving, here is my take on this situation.

Therefore, this is addressed to Mr. Hawkins, so that he knows, Gregg has been very extremely polite with Mr. Hawkins’ diatribe of Mormonisms.

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I looked at rightwingnews, and since it is with Townhall, It is immediately, SUSPECT. Townhall, is basically, a Romney Mormon machine to get Romney elected to high office. And I will die trying to stop that from happening. I have the death threat already from them to prove said fact…….Police reports….

So do not bother scaring me, I am past that, I am ready to go if that happens because of your death culture approach to life. Keep on pretending your pro-life-pro-choice as you are……and need to be for whichever way it is that day….we know you think you are correct, and therefore it is OK to lie to us…….keep wasting your breath, saying you believe BARRY SOETORO.

Just like Romney, keep on insisting you are right, with steadfast, secure, unflappable assurance and the sheep will follow you. Surprise! Not everyone is buying this BULL. Heard it before, and will not fall for that again….the typical MORMON attitude you have got..

…Oh I see, Mr. Haskins, where you are at, you do not wish to be helpful, kind and considerate as you are supposedly been taught. If you were open to performing a kindness, you would admit that.

…Again that is Mormon arrogance to claim there is not any evidence. To claim there isn’t any evidence puts you in the same class as the Hung criminal who assassinated President Garfield. He was insanely incompetantly stupid.

…These are not the words of a genuine conservative. I do not know who Mr. Hawkins is. Is he a Romney Mormon? Twisting the truth of the law of the constitution like a twist of lemon for the Romney Mormon tea parties, is not my cup of tea.

Welcome to crazy town, population Marilyn Stacy.

Now, I’m not sure whether I should be happy for the Jews since that she’s not accusing me of being one of them or sad for Mormons, since they’re apparently now the number one target of a certain segment of the crackpot population. In all fairness to the Mormons, the Jews have put up with these nuts for 2000 years, so if a little bit of the creepy lunatic fringe comes the Mormon way, you have to just figure they’re paying their dues a bit.

That being said, it is intriguing to find out that the Tea Parties are really supposed to be “Romney Mormon tea parties.” That’s an interesting contrast from the people who claim, with just as much evidence, that they’re actually “Ron Paul Tea Parties.” I wish I could convince people that they’re “John Hawkins’ Tea Parties” and that everyone who shows up at an event is supposed to come to RWN.

PS: The President Garfield reference was what really put this one over the top as a jewel of crazy internet hate mail.

PS #2: This email is doubly ironic given that I was notorious for my dislike of Romney during the 2008 primary. As a reference, see posts like, I Get Emails: Why Are You So Convinced Mitt Isn’t Electable? and this passage from Everything You Need To Know About The Top Tier GOP Candidates In A Single Colum,

For example, Mitt used to be pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigration, and ran to Ted Kennedy’s left on “gay rights” issues. Now, he’s anti-abortion, breathing fire on illegal immigration, and an ardent opponent of gay marriage. So, what positions would he hold if he wins the presidency? Since he doesn’t seem to have many core beliefs, you almost have to think he’d simply follow the most politically expedient path.

PS #3: I haven’t changed my mind about Mitt. I don’t think he could have won in 2008 and it would take a bizarre set of circumstances for me to support him in the 2012 primary — although I would, of course, back him if he won the nomination. I understand why people support him, but at a fundamental level, I think he’s a “tell people whatever it takes to get elected politician” and I could easily see his moving way to the left in the White House if he got in and thought it was to his advantage.

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