Lucianne: Not An Attack Site.

When I headed over to one of my favorite conservative websites, Lucianne, I received a warning in my browser,

Lucianne attack site

Since I know Lucianne isn’t some sort of warez/hacker site, I clicked through anyway and here’s what they had to say,

Please, please, please, stop, stop, stop!
We know some of you are getting a Google virus alert with you try to come to the site. It’s bogus. The problem is left over from the weekend and has been cleared up. Don’t email asking if we know about it. Ooo-ee boy-howdy, do we know about it!

It’s a good thing that they slapped that on there because the first thing I was about to do was shoot them an email asking if they knew they were being listed as a Google attack site =D.

But, long story short, if you were too freaked out by the warning to hit Lucianne, don’t worry, because it’s apparently safe.

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