Lucky or Wronged?

Some people who survived the Hudson River plane landing feel that $5000 is not enough money to compensate them for their near-death experience. Emphasis on NEAR, because had the pilot been less skillful the people would most certainly BE dead.

What is fair in this case? A birds hit the engines and the engines died making the air plane into a monster glider. It was a freak occurrence that certainly couldn’t be blamed on air traffic controllers, the pilot or the mechanics of the plane. It is one of those circumstances where “sh*t happens”.

Well, at least I see it that way. Sure, it’s traumatic and distressing. I’m not confident I’d get on a plane again after that, but $5000 should be more than enough to get the counseling a normal person needs to recover, or not:

Joe Hart, a salesman from Charlotte who suffered a bloody nose and bruises, says he “would like to be made whole for the incident.”

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It’s too soon after the accident to determine what emotional distress he has suffered, he says.

Wouldn’t we all like to be “made whole” from the traumas we experience? Wouldn’t it be great if a dollar amount could guarantee that wholeness? I think $5000 seems reasonable and fair. What do you think?

$5000 is…
Not enough
More than generous
People are entitled, greedy lummoxes who should thank their lucky stars they’re alive free polls

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