Malik Obama May Have Cholera

Let us create a hypothetical situation:

You have become a millionaire after several lucrative book deals. Moreover, your wife used your political influence to land a six figure job as a “Diversity Coordinator” at a local hospital. Eventually you take the appropriate leap from Community Organizer to President of the United States.

As you sit back and contemplate how lucky the Country is to have you as a President, you remember that you have several relatives. One lives in the projects somewhere in America. Another lives in a hut in Kenya. Still more are scattered around the poorest places on Earth. What’s is new with my family, you think to yourself?

After giving speeches about shared sacrifice and a renewed commitment to service, you decide to research your family and are told that Malik, your stepbrother, may have Cholera and was just rushed to the Hospital.

Am I the only person who is troubled by Barack Obama’s neglect of his own family?

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