Mayor Daley of America

The notorious “Chicago Way” of political corruption seems to have arrived full-force in Washington, as both Michael Barone and John Kass observe in regard to the inspectors general who seem to be dropping like flies these days. Meanwhile, good-government activists are “dismayed” to discover that Barack Obama’s promises of “transparency” were just so much more campaign rhetoric.

What about all those elite journalists who celebrated Joseph Wilson as a whistleblower and portrayed his wife Valerie Plame as the innocent victim of political retaliation? They seem strangely indifferent to the fate of fired AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin, and have scarcely even noticed the abrupt resignation of AmTrak inspector general Fred Weiderhold.

Honesly, I hope the D.C. press corps will wake up and do their jobs, but so far . . .

You’d probably get more hard-hitting investigative reporting from the Jonas Brothers fan-club newsletter.

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