McCain Campaign Insiders ‘Jobbing Out’ Palin

In Pro-Wrestling, ‘jobbing out’ occurs when a big-name wrestler, a star, gives notice to the promotion he/she is working for. That wrestler is then subjected to humiliating losses and degrading attacks on his wrestling character to those equal to and lesser talented wrestlers. The promotion, in effect, is “burying” the leaving wrestler.

The purpose is to ‘devalue’ the wrestler while ‘putting over’ new wrestlers to take up that soon to be empty slot on the totem pole. By ‘jobbing out’ the wrestler, they hurt the reputation, marketability and character of that wrestler for the new promotion that wrestler is going to.

What is happening now to Sarah Palin is very similar to the ‘jobbing out’ process in Pro-Wrestling and it is a travesty. And no, it hasn’t just started since the election ended, but has been ongoing, with the whispers getting louder and criticism’s stronger as the poll numbers weakened for the GOP ticket.

When it came from the left and the MSM, (same thing), it was expected, but then evidence starting pointing to the campaign itself, joining in with the criticism from the left and media.

Why is this happening? Are the campaign staffers concerned that they will be blamed and potential business will be lost? Are they protecting McCain from getting the blame so it all falls on Palin? Are they tearing down Palin, so she will not have the lead in the 2012 sweepstakes?

Let’s start with Kevin Madden, who worked on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, who roughed up Governor Palin recently in an interview, (at least he put his name to the comments.)

Then there is McCain ally and supporter, former Governor of New Jersey Tom Kean, who was critical of Palin’s performance just days before the election.

And finally, names have been put to some of the more outrageous criticism’s and personal attacks against Sarah Palin, and they belong to McCain campaign staffers Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace, most likely at the request of campaign manager Rick Davis.

It is rumored that more then 2 weeks before the election, the campaign bigwigs agreed that McCain was not going to win and they went into self-survival mode, realizing that a scapegoat was needed to save them from being blamed and risk losing future high-paying political business and potential lobbyist business.

It is outrageous behavior from people who are nothing more then cheap rentals who go from project to project, with zero principle and even less scruples. And since they lose, zero talent.

Sarah Palin will be around long after the names of Wallace, Davis and Schmidt are forgotten for their disastrous campaign performance.

There, I just ‘jobbed’ the three of them out!!

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