McClellan’s Last Stand On Olbermann’s Show

John asked me to cross-post a piece or two on Saturday. Glad to share this piece (slightly revised) which first appeared last night on my blog. –Dan

On Thursday evening, while pounding away on the Stairmaster at my gym (the only place I watch MSNBC), I was “treated” to forty-five minutes (the length of my workout) of insight into the Bush-hating mindset. Neither Chris Matthews nor Keith Olbermann could offer any insight into Bush’s Farewell Address. Instead, they offered insight into their own obsession with the man.

They were upset that he failed in his speech to grovel and apologize for his supposedly failed Administration. When aren’t they upset with something the president has said or done?

Given how perennially upset they are with George W. Bush, his team and his defenders, one wonders, along with Gateway Pundit, “What will MSNBC do without President Bush?” He has become a target on which they have long projected their own inner demons.

Olbermann brought along a professional stooge to help make his case. He invited former Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan on the show to comment on the president’s farewell address. Having nothing better to do, he accepted. Well McClellan didn’t offer much analysis, just ofered some left-wing talking points about how Bush failed to be candid with the American people and didn’t admit his mistakes.

He didn’t address the substance of Bush’s message, merely commented on what wasn’t there. He knew how to please his left-wing host. Basically, he just repeated Obemann’s points, but with different words. Well, he did call W a decent guy, words which never pass that angry announcer’s lips.

Look, Scott may not have been a very competent spokesman for a president under constant attack from the news media, but he’s not stupid. He knows that conservatives weren’t pleased with his performance as White House Press Secretary. He was forever in a “defensive crouch,” failing to properly promote Administration policies and discredit dishonest attacks, and take issue with antagonistic arguments.

Eager for him to leave the Administration, conservatives would not be honoring him at their conclaves or featuring him on their television and radio programs.

But, the left-wing media forever maligning McClellan’s former boss would give a place of honor to an Administration turncoat. He knew what it would take to gain their favor: bash Bush and his team.

His strategy seems to have succeeded. A reader informed me that MSNBC has tapped him for a “post-inaugural speech analysis.”

I’m sure he’ll find the new president’s address the best since Abraham Lincoln’s!

Because if he didn’t join Arianna Huffington in swooning over Obama and attacking Bush, he’d lose his spot in the limelight. And for those politicos who suffer under her eponymous condition, such public prominence is all that matters. Even at the cost of your integrity.

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