McMaverick Is Back in the Saddle

Having blown his presidential bid, John “Lettuce” McCain is back in his former job: toady to Democrats. True to his old pandering form, he went on This Week recently to denounce fellow Republicans for criticizing the way the Moonbat Messiah has mishandled the Governor Blago revelations. Bleats Lettuce:

In all due respect to the Republican National Committee… I think we should try to be working constructively together, not only on an issue such as this, but on the economy stimulus package, reforms that are necessary.

The “stimulus package” is a Democrat dream come true: massive, unnecessary government spending, which can be counted on to exacerbate the financial crisis by putting us further into debt, thereby justifying still more extravagant unfundable handouts in the future.

As Jim Pinkerton points out, McCain is an old hand at carrying water for the Dems. It all started when he got caught up in the Keating Five scandal…

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At which point, McCain seems to have realized two big things:

First, the importance of capital “E” ethics — the sort of bureaucratic-minded “good government” reform that liberals love.

Second, the importance of staying on the media’s good side.

So McCain-the-Goldwater-Guy was reborn as “McCain the Maverick” — the Democrat- and media-friendly Maverick. And a long romance began.

McCain stayed with the Republican Party, but he routinely crossed over to support liberal Democratic initiatives on campaign finance “reform,” stem cell research, and tobacco; he even joined with the Democrats in opposition to tax cuts and oil drilling in Alaska — and attacking Rush Limbaugh.

And McCain’s reward was glowing coverage — Esquire magazine, for example, called him “St. John.”

Republicans fumed, of course, and his partisan deviation from their party probably cost him the 2000 GOP presidential nomination.

But McCain kept it up for most of George W. Bush’s presidency, leading The New Republic’s Jonathan Chait to conclude that McCain was “The most effective advocate of the Democratic agenda in Washington” during the first Bush term.

Indeed, even as late as 2007, McCain was working with Teddy Kennedy to enact “comprehensive immigration reform” that most Republicans viewed as amnesty — pure and simple.

Yet, through mechanisms we can only guess at, McStain was able to secure the Republican nomination. His platform included “cap and trade” global warming moonbattery and a continued ban on drilling in Alaska. Having totally alienated his own party’s base, he managed to lose to a neophyte whose only qualifications were being half black and having a name like a terrorist.

Now he’s back, bashing Republicans, sucking up to the liberal media. If the GOP can’t find a way to drive out enemies within like Lettuce McAmnesty, the country is headed toward long-term one-party rule.

Lettuce and friends.

On a tip from Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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