Meet Todd Herman Republican National Committee Technology Director

Hi guys! A couple months ago, the Republican National Committee asked the grassroots for feedback to help the GOP get going the right direction with the use of technology. People responded via Facebook, Ning groups, and blogs. Maybe you thought your feedback didn’t matter.

Well, as with all things transitional, it often takes extra effort to get the ball rolling again. Once in motion, though, the object takes off. A good start to getting the ball rolling was hiring Todd Herman. I’ll be interviewing Todd for my radio show Right Doctor on Radio For Conservatives (you should be listening) this Thursday and he wants your questions. So you can either put the questions in the comments or email me at [email protected] Include at least your first name and city and state and I’ll ask for you. It will be a 40 minute interview and Todd will be picking the music.

The show will air next Wednesday night on RFC Radio at 10 Eastern, 9 Central. There is also a chat room. Join in the conversation and have the opportunity to talk to Todd in real time during the show.

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