Memo For File XCIV

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” — Upton Sinclair

I was watching democrat party advisors and consultants “guest” on the Fox News Channel to peddle their sh*t, and a very simple thought jumped into my head. At first I thought it was such a simple thought that it couldn’t possibly be worth anything. But then I realized it was impossibly difficult to tell whether it was a simple thought or a complexificated thought. Which one of those it was, I was not sure. But it was one of those two.

And that’s the sign of a good thought.

By which I mean, you may claim this is a thought not worth having…and perhaps you are right. But having been through this cycle a few times, I know beyond any doubt it’s a thought worth jotting down.

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Let’s jot it down.

I have a perception, which I could quantify properly if I had a mind to do so, but I have no mind to do so because the benefits would be slight and the effort would be cumbersome. Let us simply presume the thought may be properly quantified but I don’t feel it worth the hassle of proving it. My perception is that we have embarked on some kind of “quickening.” Things, today, compared to the way things were a year ago — are vastly and drastically more changed compared to the way they were changed between one year ago and two years ago. We are in a measurable acceleration curve. Do I really need to provide data to support that? Is there any intelligent soul out there who would honestly contest it? I think not…and so I shall skip that part of the exercise.

No, in observing this quickening, I wish merely to observe, and I think it only necessary to observe, this: Something has fallen away. A facade. A mask. A mask has fallen away. We pretend it is not so. But we seem to be merely going through the motions of carrying out an elaborate deception, that a generation ago was somehow more honest. People pretend to be falling for things that, in times past, really did fool them. And can fool them no longer.
To understand what I mean, it is necessary to divide people into groups. Oh, how we hate to do that! And yet we cannot explain why we so hate it.

Some of us seek to deceive, and others do not. The necessity of separating the one from the other, is self-evident and self-explanatory.

There are those who seek to convince all within earshot and line-of-sight, that the planet will die unless we unplug our phones as soon as they’re done charging.

There are those who seek to convince all within earshot and line-of-sight, that terrorists seek to end their own lives in order to kill a few of us…and yet if we simply change our foreign policy, they’ll start loving us all to pieces.

There are those who seek to convince all within earshot and line-of-sight, that we are not a very good people. But if we simply create a binding structure of public government-owned and government-administrated insurance for our lives and medical needs, that we will become wonderful people.

There are those who seek to convince all within earshot and line-of-sight, that our young children know a great deal more about how to make our society work properly than we do; and that those who have been on the planet far longer than we have, know far less about this than we do.

There are those who seek to convince all within earshot and line-of-sight, that our economy sucks so much because our country is so far in debt; but that we can turn things around by taking on more debt.

There are those who seek to convince all within earshot and line-of-sight, that a woman who is loyal to her man, who makes his life easier, who uses her daylight hours to create a home he will want to approach when the day’s work is done…and brings him cold beverages to drink and hot meat to eat, perhaps dressing herself down to titillate him and make him feel more important…is somehow doing damage to herself, and perhaps to him. And that a miserable, demanding, bitching dried-out old harridan is somehow fulfilling some sacrosanct destiny, for her benefit and for his.

There are those who seek to convince all within earshot and line-of-sight, that Iraq was a much better place with ol’ Saddam in charge.

Here is my complicated but simple thought. And perhaps it will diminish what faith you have left in humanity. Or perhaps it will help to preserve it.

ThreeNOBODY is falling for this bullsh*t. Nobody. No conservatives. No liberals. Nobody in between.

No, in our parents’ generation, our so-called “leaders” told us sweet little lies…some of us immediately figured out what they were doing, but also, that they had a stake in the lie being successfully told. And so they became passive liars. They listened, they smiled, they nodded — not believing a single word of the lie being told. But understanding right off the bat, that it was to their material benefit for the lie to propagate. And so they behaved as if they believed the lie, that they were far too smart to believe.

Some others among us were just-plain-duped. They were the suckers. Their wallets held the fuel that kept the whole Ponzi scheme going…and they did not hang on to that fuel for very long.

Nowadays — we have the quickening. And I do not think things are staying the same. The lies being told are so much more brazen. We can have a “public option” on our national healthcare, with no rationing. Nobody has any reason to oppose His Glorious Wonderfulness’ ideas, other than their own unapologetic racism. Hollywood celebrities are the wisest among us. Unplug that coffee pot, or the planet might die. Keep importing that oil from the states that sponsor terrorist acts against us, or else Fluffy the Polar Bear won’t have any chunks of ice waiting for him as he swims around, and Fluffy just might drown.

I fear we have lost that all-important distinction, as we embark on the 21st century Anno Domini.

I fear we have lost our ability to distinguish between those who profit from the lies, and those who honestly fall for the lies.

I fear we are now telling lies that are so substandard in quality, that nobody is falling for them. Nobody. Anywhere.

I fear we have been suckered into a kind of infinite vortex. I fear we have become pawns in some pyramid scheme. That nobody’s dumb enough to fall for the lies being told, but also, that we are all in a desperate search for the next sucker…the next sucker who simply doesn’t exist anymore.

I fear that we have, for generations now, been divided among those who seek to deceive, those who pretend to be deceived, and those who honestly are deceived.

And that, while nobody was paying attention, the last of those three groups quietly dwindled down to nothing. I fear we are caught in some bizarre little puppet show. One in which all, or most of us, are caught defining our individual existences around the act of selling something nobody is buying.

I fear this is the beginning of the end of a mighty civilization. I, and you, are blessed to be born at just the right time to witness it.

Blessed, and at the same time, cursed.

Cross-posted at House of Eratosthenes.

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