Memorials Won’t Prevent Another 9/11

Memorials Won’t Prevent Another 9/11: One year ago today in an attack unprecedented in the history of humankind, 19 terrorists murdered almost 3000 Americans. There will be many memorials today to the innocent men and women who died on 9/11. The husbands who never came home to their wives, the mothers who never looked into the faces of their children again, and the sons and daughters who were buried by their parents. We’ll also remember the heroes, the firefighters and policemen who died trying to save others in the World Trade Center, as well as Todd Beamer and the other passengers on Flight 93. Honoring America’s heroes and innocents lost is worth doing. However, the best way we can honor them is not with ceremonies or with television specials, but by doing everything in our power to prevent another 9/11 from happening. That will not be accomplished with tributes, but with action. (Cont)

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