Michelle Obama has no class

If you were going to a posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony, how would you think you should act? What would you wear? Certainly you wouldn’t walk in all upbeat and positive, and you wouldn’t be popping the cork off a bottle of champagne. Likewise, you wouldn’t walk in wearing a Hawaiian print shirt or a brightly colored cocktail dress, right?

Well, someone forgot to tell Michelle Obama that a posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony might be, I don’t know, kind of a somber occasion. And she showed up dressed like this:


US Army First Sergeant Jared Monti died in Afghanistan in June 2006, when he willingly sacrificied himself to save one of his comrades. His parents were there to accept the award for him. Did the First Lady really not think about how they would feel with her dressed like that? Yes, it’s only a dress. However, the way you dress matters. It shows a lot. That’s why people don’t go to job interviews in jeans, and they don’t go to funerals dressed in bright, cheerful colors. But that’s exactly what Michelle did — she showed up to the equivalent of a funeral wearing a bright, cheery dress with flowers on it. She couldn’t possibly have found something a bit more, I don’t know… understated? Or does everything really always have to be about her? I get that she’s the mainstream media’s little fashion plate, but really — she couldn’t have underplayed her wardrobe, just once, out of respect for a man who freaking gave his life for his country?!

For what it’s worth, I actually like the dress. I think it’s a beautiful dress. But it’s completely inappropriate for the occasion and it just further goes to show what little respect the Obamas have for the military. It’s not that I think she needed to wear all black. I don’t think that she needed to wear something dowdy or frumpy. But for goodness sake, could she have just downplayed a little and not have worn something so bold? I mean, really… were kitten heels, gaudy earrings, and a brightly colored floral dress really the best choice for a posthumous Medal of Honor ceremony? Not only was the color of the dress bold, but the cut and design of the dress was inappropriate as well. It looks like a cocktail dress, something she would wear to one of she and Barack’s little celebrity parties they have every week. Everything about it is inappropriate. And either she didn’t take the time to think about what would be an appropriate dress for the occasion or she didn’t care. Either way, it doesn’t speak very highly for her, does it?

Jared Monti was a courageous soldier who gave his life for his country. He deserves better than this, as does his family. His parents deserved respect from the President and the First Lady, but what did they get? Michelle Obama, dressed like she was going to a party.

Rest in peace, First Sergeant Monti. Your sacrifice is appreciated by most of us.


Hat Tip: Pundit and Pundette

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