Moonbat Messiah Acknowledges Memorial Day

Chairman Zero might want to ask his friend Bill Gates about the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. At least he means well… I guess:

President Barack Obama saluted veterans and urged his countrymen to do the same this Memorial Day weekend, saying the nation has not always paid them proper respect.

In his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday, Obama said people can honor veterans by sending a letter or care package to troops overseas, volunteering at health clinics or taking supplies to a homeless veterans center. …

Obama said he was committed to giving troops the training and equipment they need and making certain the Veterans Affairs Department had the money it needed. He also noted that he had signed a bill into law that would eliminate waste in defense projects and was working to improve the economy so that veterans can find a good job, provide for their families and earn a college degree.

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No doubt those left behind by fallen heroes will really appreciate BHO’s efforts to “eliminate waste” by gutting the defense budget.

Our Commander in Chief wishes you a Happy Veterans Day!

On a tip from Bill V. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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