Moonbats: Christmas Causes Global Warming

Another Christmas has come and gone; let’s hope the planet can recover. From Down Under:

Wasted food at Christmas time is now being highlighted as an environmental problem.

Jon Dee, the chairman of Do Something, says gases from leftover food rotting in landfill are 20 times more potent than the carbon pollution from car exhausts. …

“Australians waste more than 3 million tonnes of food every year and of course a lot of that food is wasted at Christmas,” he said.

This isn’t the only way Christmas oppresses the planet:

Scientists have warned that Christmas lights are bad for the planet due to huge electricity waste and urged people to get energy efficient festive bulbs.

CSIRO [Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization] researchers said householders should know that each bulb turned on in the name of Christmas will increase emissions of greenhouse gases.

There’s only room for one predominant religion. Thou shalt have no gods before neurotic enviroguilt.

A Christmas tree causing global warming.

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