“Mother” of the Octuplets…

What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next…

The mother of the octuplets! The mother of the octuplets! and I use the word “mother” loosely. This isn’t a mother! This is an incubator of the octuplets. No mother in her right mind would bring kids into a situation like she had.

She had 6 kids, she couldn’t afford. She was collecting 900 dollars in food stamps. Another 2000 dollars in disability checks for her freaking kids. And she brings 8 more into the freaking world. With in-vitro fertilization.

This isn’t a woman who went out one night. Got all liquored up and came home with 8 babies in her belly. This is a woman who paid 100 thousand dollars for in-vitro fertilization.

Where’d she get the money? She said she saved it. Are you freaking kidding me?! She was an orderly in a mental institution. She didn’t save up a 100 thousand dollars. I’ll tell you where she got it. She took it from her kids food stamps. She took it from her kids disability checks. She took it from YOU!!

And the liberal mainstream media comes out and says, we can’t be hard on her. She’s a mother. We have to take care of her.

Oh YOU’RE gonna take care of her alright! To at least the tune of a million dollars. Do you know how much it cost to have a cesarian in this country? To keep freaking 8 premature babies in the hospital for weeks? Well over a million dollars. and you’re gonna pay that!

But, don’t worry. We’ll just put it in the “stimulus” plan. No problem.

I would love to see who the “mother” of the octuplets voted for. I guarantee you three, four months ago she was running around with an Obama shirt on. This is the change she was waiting for.

I’m surprised we don’t buy her a house with the stimulus money. Get her freaking daycare with the stimulus money. It will create jobs. Somebody has to build the house. Somebody has to take care of her freaking kids.

Are you kidding me?!

And then she’s gonna go to school. She says she is going to pay for her kids by going to school. With student loans mind you. Are you freaking kidding me?! She’s going to be a clinical psychologist. How are you gonna pay for 14 kids on a clinical psychologists salary? Who’s she gonna be a clinical psychologist for? Charles freaking Manson?

You gotta be kidding me!

These are the people we’re taking care of! These are the people your tax dollars got to!

I don’t care how many stimulus checks or tax rebates you get back from the freaking government. For every 100 dollars you get back from the government. 200 is going to an animal like freaking this!

14 freaking kids and she has no job?! She shouldn’t be working in a mental institution. She should be a freaking patient!!

Are you kidding me?! Are you freaking me?!!

what’s next! what’s next!! what’s next!!!

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