Mumbai Terror: Inciting War Under The Guise of Terrorism?

It’s so upsetting, but here’s some information about the attacks over in India. The Brits and United States citizens were singled out. Here are some links:

Infidels Are Cool

Ace has this.

Allah has an excellent round-up.

Bill Roggio has good analysis:

Indian intelligence believes the Indian Mujahideen is a front group created by Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Harkat ul Jihad al Islami to confuse investigators and cover the tracks of the Students’ Islamic Movement of India, or SIMI, a radical Islamist movement. The groups receive support from Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence and are al Qaeda affiliates.

Gateway Pundit has pictures. Gruesome. The fighting is ongoing. You’re probably seeing it on the news.

Flickr pictures.

A Google Map of the attack sites.

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