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It’s a fine line, isn’t it? I mean, really, an unwanted child shouldn’t be in this world because that’s bad. So, I think we should reframe this unfortunate event as a mercy killing. RedInkTexas notes that the mother might as well say, “I want you to murder my unborn child, I just don’t want to watch…” . He continues:

She WILLINGLY went to an abortion clinic to have a late term abortion. But when the child was born alive, she was aghast that the abortionist put the child in a plastic bag and suffocated it. Yeah, like that was any more humane than trying to kill it some other way… The fact that it was done by someone without a medical degree is in my mind kind of secondary. SHE INTENDED TO KILL THIS POOR CHILD! Now she is suing because the child died. What in hell is wrong with this picture? Who is the Murderer here? I say the woman who went to the clinic to kill the child is the proximate murderer here. She took the pills. She knew what they did. I say hang them both for first degree murder, they both conspired to do this.

It was a mercy killing. Sheesh! I don’t understand why people are so judgmental.

[That was sarcasm, by the way.]

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