Must-See Videos and Readings for the Fourth

Happy birthday, America! I’ve got a few Fourth-related items–mostly videos–worth sharing today:

  • It’s a couple days old now, but it bears repeating: Karl Rove’s column this week is essential reading. Read this snippet, and you’ll want to know what happens:
  • “I’m a pretty good orthopedic surgeon. When my younger son is deployed to Iraq next March, I would like to be working as a Navy medical officer, but they won’t let me because I am 61 years old. Will you give me an age waiver, Mr. President?” Mr. Bush pointed to me. Dr. Krissoff and I exchanged business cards and he promised to fax me his application.

  • It’s fitting that patriot Sen. John McCain presents the GOP weekly video address this week. Enjoy!
    • Bob McDonnell, candidate for governor here in Virginia, released a great Fourth of July video. He talks about his dad being a World War II veteran, his own 21 years in the Army, and his daughter’s tour of duty in Iraq.

    “The three networks labeled food ‘patriotic’ nearly twice as often as members of the armed services (20 to 11). ABC’s July 4, 2008, broadcast of ‘Good Morning America’ featured ‘patriotic’ [potato] salad, ‘patriotic’ cobbler and ‘patriotic’ chicken wings. Viewers didn’t see ‘patriotic’ soldiers, Marines, sailors or airmen in the broadcast.”

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