My Recent Developments on YouTube

Many of you have seen my recent debates with Leftists on YouTube. If you haven’t, let me explain what I am talking about:

One of the largest channels on YouTube, TheAmazingAtheist, made a video attacking me. This resulted in 1000s of emails and hate comments directed at me in a matter of an hour. He has 50,000 subscribers, I had only 2500 at the time.

I then responded with a video titled: Deep Thoughts by an Intellectual Lightweight. This resulted in many of his followers subscribing to my channel. In fact, many of his own subscribers were amazed at how I demolished his arguments. He then responded to my video and I responded to his video again, making him look like a fool.

Right as I was uploading my second video, another channel, Thunderf00t, with 40,000 subscribers attacked me, calling me all sorts of vile things and then claiming I was misinformed. This resulted in more hate mail.

Well, I responded to his video, and received more subscribers. But, sadly, many of his drone-like malcontent followers bragged about not watching my video at all and 1-star rating it. Still, I have received hundreds of emails from people who claim they used to support thunderf00t, and now support me. Here is an example.

I watched all your videos and debates with amazing atheist and thunderfoot and I must say, I’ve just been educated.

I thought I’d disagree with a lot of your positions when I was watching amazing atheists videos, and then I watched thunderfoot and thought you were owned.

Then I watched your videos to the surprise that you actually made very strong arguments.

You’re right, they’re wrong- on an intellectual level you’re on a much deeper level.

Job well done, you’ve just educated a dude from New Jersey.

Okay, so why does this all matter to you:

1) YouTube is going to be the largest growing medium for news, politics and information in the future. It already has the largest audience;

2) There are currently no more than 10 “recognized” people on YouTube who are Right-of-Center;

3) During the last campaign, Obama utilized YouTube to create a mob-like mentality where any Republican would be bombarded with hate-filled spam and all the videos were downgraded. This implicitly teaches apolitical people not to even listen to Republicans; and

4) We need to start taking up territory on YouTube and supporting our side, otherwise we’ll have no chance to win elections in the future as older adults are even using YouTube today.

Please consider what I’ve said, and support your Right-of-Center YouTubers.

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