My Thin Books

We were glad to see Bendreth appreciated our thin-book collection, so we decided to take an inventory of everything on that part of the shelf. Fortunately, they’re all together. We have to keep these that way, because if they’re scattered among the thicker ones, it can be really hard to find them again.

1. Movies made from video games that don’t suck
2. Republicans who survived scandals
3. democrats who didn’t
4. Television commercials, wherein the man is using the right product, and the woman is using the wrong one
5. People who demand higher taxes, and give extra money to the Treasury to show they really mean it
6. Tax increases that resulted in more revenue
Pelosi7. The Pelosi Congress’ record of achievement
8. Useful discoveries and inventions from charismatic, fun people
9. Government plans to meddle in the economy, that worked
10. Painting, lawncare, repairs, polishing, and other labors of love: How people maintain assets that they didn’t work for
11. Cultures around the world that are truly devoted to both free speech, and “tolerance”
12. What men have figured out about women
13. The democrat party’s commitment to victory, outside of elections
14. Wisdom from kids with their baseball caps on backwards
15. American cities with strict gun control laws, and consequentially, really low crime rates
16. Stories I have to tell about my vanishing civil liberties after 9/11/01
17. The world in which burglars can sue you for hurting themselves while breaking into your house: The Who’s Who of people who like it this way
18. People who believe in man-made global warming, and the smaller cars they drive
19. Socialist countries I’d like to visit
20. Television cartoons I like, that don’t have a coyote and a roadrunner
21. A complete history of ADHD-like symptoms shown by kids, Vol. I: Before we decided not to spank them anymore
22. How Christianity is just as bad, or What Rosie Meant
23. People around the world who despised the USA before but love it now, with Barack Obama in charge
GQ24. Looking back: A photo album of pleasant- and blissful-looking GQ models
25. Take that, Thomas Jefferson! Nations that were both ignorant and free
26. Jobs I got from poor people having more money to spend
27. Positive comments from the dedicated liberal about the things America has done
28. People who told other people “We’ve Come A Long Way, We’re Not There Yet” — and eventually got “There.”
29. Hollywood Told You So: A complete list of when it turned out they had the right idea
30. Temporary tax hikes that really were
31. Soothing the savage beast: When displays of compassion changed the viewpoint of people who were willing to kill on a whim
32. Real men who weren’t afraid to show their emotions, the women who loved them for it, and their meaningful accomplishments
33. Well-known liberal women I wish I could date
34. Wars and conflicts that ended with justice, finality, and lasting peace, thanks to the United Nations
35. Poverty in the United States: Poor people who are skinny and have no, or very small, TV sets
36. The skills I learned in my “Womens’ Studies” class, and how they helped me to help others
37. Politicians most universally esteemed for their “ethics” — whom you’d allow to watch your kids over the weekend
38. A complete history of angry people who stopped being angry when they were given the things they angrily demanded
39. Effective and respected appointments in the Obama Administration
40. How political correctness has made our lives better

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