My Unicorn Runneth Over: More Naked Obama Unicorn Art + Suggest A Painting To Be Commissioned

I am a suckah for naked Obama on a Unicorn art and so, I was thrilled to find a bunch of new Dan Lacey paintings over at Faithmouse.

Here are some of my faves, starting with Sarah Palin with pancakes on her head (I don’t get the pancakes thing, really. It’s just something random he does)

Sarah Palin pancakes

This is a real oddball painting. At first, I thought it was Obama and Sotomayor. However, it’s actually Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. At first glance, I thought Obama was committing a sex crime here, but I actually think it’s supposed to be some sort of miraculous operation,

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Obama Ginsburg

Then, there’s this one, featuring Obama with House and Stalin — maybe they’re his advisers while he experiments on the economy? Maybe…Ehr, okay, I have no idea what’s happening there.

Barack & Stalin

Then last, but not least, both Obamas are riding the Unicorn, which is a bit unusual because I think the Unicorn has a crush on Barack. I am not sure he would be willing to share him with Michelle.

Obama's naked

Oh, and I noticed this,

I’m also happy to paint commissions; a custom 5 by 7 inch portrait on canvas starts at $75. Please direct inquiries to faithmouse [at]yahoo(.)com

I have totally just got to get this guy to do a 5×7 for my office — but, of what? I mean, it seems like a waste to get him to do a naked Obama on a unicorn. Maybe Sarah Palin on a Moose trampling David Letterman? Zombie Ronald Reagan coming for Barack Obama? Zombie Thomas Jefferson and George Washington walking towards Congress carrying chainsaws with the words “Payback Time” across the top? There are so many great possibilities — feel free to suggest some more in the comments section.

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